Rear Spoiler Extension Audi TT 8N < TT V6 Look >
Rear Spoiler Extension Audi TT 8N < TT V6 Look >
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Rear Spoiler Extension Audi TT 8N < TT V6 Look >

Maxton Design
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Rear Spoiler Extension Audi TT 8N < TT V6 Look >

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Rear Spoiler Extension Audi TT 8N < TT V6 Look >

fits :

Audi TT 1998-2006



If you are a lucky owner of an Audi TT V6 Look and you want to outfit your car with advanced and durable optical tuning elements, all of such components you can find in the Maxton Design store. The company is focused on the production of eye-catching spoilers, side skirts, bumpers, and splitters. All of these items are produced from strong materials that possess all required quality certificates. Especially with the mentioned model in mind this showy rear spoiler was created. Thanks to it you can not only refresh the looks of your car but noticeably enhance it aerodynamics.

What features make the Audi TT V6 Look rear spoiler stand out?
- out-of-the-box design
- boosts aerodynamics

The fiberglass employed in the production of this rear spoiler for Audi TT 6 Look is a material extraordinarily well-suited for the manufacturing of visual tuning parts and essential components of car outfitting. It is defined by its damage-resistance, elasticity, and durability. The Maxton Design fiberglass is TUV certified as a testament to its quality and strength. The Audi TT V6 Look is a product that is not only lasting, but highly aesthetic, as well. If you are a fan of tuning that stands out with premium flair and modernized design, the Maxton Design goods are right for you.

The rear spoiler for Audi TT 6 Look is easy to install and does not require painting. Its mounting will ensure that your vehicle gains more of a racing character. The spoiler will also affect the aerodynamics of the car by increasing the pressure exerted by the airflow around the bodywork on the rear axle. The effect of this can chiefly be felt during driving at high speeds.

The Maxton Design offer is aimed at the most fastidious customers who are looking for rare optical tuning components that can help then not only neatly alter the visuals of their cars but also ensure the highest comfort of use possible.


Please read carefully!

We realize all orders from Monday to Saturday
We send goods in perfect condition
Please check the package for any potential damages before you sign receipt

  • Product is TUV Materialgutachten certified
  • Check fitment before painting
  • Requires primer painting before laying finish paint
  • Requires painting
  • This product is not manufactured in-house, but is ordered in a friendly company.
  • Valance Surface:
    No Primed

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