In case of return or complaint of an item

This form applies to all types of return requests and complaints. Fill in all fields and send to us. If the complaint is approved, we will send out a consignment note via e-mail. This waybill must be used. You may not send with your own transport solution. All products MUST be returned in original packaging complete with all accessories. Upon return, you are responsible for the shipping costs

Remember to always send the product in outer packaging so as not to damage the original packaging. Pack the goods well to avoid damage. Returns may only be sent back with our waybills.

OBS Returns / Complaints submitted without an approved return number will not be accepted. Do not forget to enter the order number in the message field.


Do you have an invoice with Klarna that expires during the return process?
Pay it on time to Klarna. When the return is complete, the amount is credited minus the return shipping cost. At ev. invoice questions, contact Klarna's customer service at